Sunday, April 13, 2014

UniVoxBox ITEMS FIRST & OVERALL impressions

I received my Univoxbox from Influenster.very excited. it was my second box. items that i received in my box were: NYC New York Color Expert Last Lipstick, Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicures, Pilot Acroball Pure White, Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancers, Playtex Sport Fresh Balance.

RED ROSE TEA-First item that i tried was the sweet tea. I was thirsty and i felt like my blood sugar was going down. LOL!!i tried it and i must say it is far by the best tasting tea i have tried. i didnt expect too much from it, but i did get a surprise. THE GREAT TASTE. its refreshing, easy to carry with u. great for on the go. my friend jeramie, who is currently in california doing a masters , mentioned to me 2 months ago that she missed south texas sweet tea. That she was not used to the tea in california. With this little tea, she is sure to feel at ease and at home. im thinking of getting her one and sending it to her as a surprise.

PILOT ACROBALL PEN-Next item i tried was the pilot pen. again i didnt expect much, other than just a regular pen. it wrote well. i ended up using most of it and am almost done with it. i will deffo go to the store and get me a pack. it not only wrote well, but it did not bleed or take eternity to dry.

NYC NEW YORK COLOR EXPERT LAST LIPSTICK- this product is something i am very excited to talk about. I have never bought any NYC products before, let alone tried them on. I had heard from some of my friends and seen on youtube about the brand. however there is not much info on anything else, other than how great their bronzer in "sunny" is. Come to think of it, there isnt much talk on NYC cosmetics, period. Must make a note on that. Anyhow!the lipstick that was sent to me was 447b in forever fuschia. It is smooth, feels smooth, and goes on smooth. No creasing. smells fruity. one important note, it lasts more than 6 hours. great for an everyday look or a hot night on the town. very pigmented. i highly recommend. i cant wait to go to the store and buy other shades,just to test them out.i give this my 2 thumbs UP.!!

RIMMEL LONDON STAY MATTE LIQUID MOUSSE FOUNDATION- i have severly dry skin.before trying this on i had heard great reviews on this product. As i began my search i was surprised to find not many people had made a video for dry skin. i then began to think , that perhaps this foundation may not be for me.

At first glance it looks harmless and it is, so pardon my silly expression. Ok!so heres the scoop. I tried it on simply by dabbing it on to my skin, (as the instructions said so) used my beauty blender dupe from CVS. Ladies and gentlmen, it look horrific. my skin looked patchy, flaky and felt itchy. i was soooo disapointed beyond belief.

Thats when i decided a rigourous search on youtube and google to try to fix my problem. yes i moisturized but that wasnt my problem. i just needed to know the problem to fix it.

I stumbled by chance on some girl, who said to use makeup primer before hand if you haave dry skin, with any foundation product. So thats when i put two and two together. VOILA! i decided to put my monistat chafin gel into prqctive. i applied it then i applied the Rimmel, this time with my hands and BINGO!!my face looked flawless.

REVIEW: my face looked flawless, felt baby smooth, looked glowy and i felt fabulous.Craziest part was that it left my skin hydrated. KRAZYYY!!. i highly recommend this product to anyone. for those girls who have dry skin like me, i highly suggest a face primer before hand. 
this is a damn good product to say the least. all one needs is a pinch of it on the face and ur good to go. it looks very natural on the face and has long staying power. I will recommend this product to all my gal friends. So this product is for everyone.

Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicures-i really liked these cuties. made my nails look like i just came from an expensive salon. easy to use. easy to wear and easy to apply. my boyfriend loves them, he says that from now on he wants me wearing!!Been wearing them for 2 weeks now, no chips, no damage.
i received a floral design one. the art on them looks something like that of a Japanese cherry blossom painting.  when i run out of them (bc it comes with extra sizes) ill go and make sure to get some more . i hope sends me more. so cute.

PLAYTEX SPORT FRESH BALANCE-i dont usually wear these but they were ok. Did its job. not uncomfortable and stayed in place. especially when alot of movement is present. i was walking up and down the stairs all day. great product. will i use again, probably not. not bc i didnt like them, im just not accustomed to wearing these over sanitary!!

 well folks i hope u found some of my review of these products entertaining . All the products were sent to me courtesy of for testing and reviewing purposes. All these reviews are my own personal opinion and experiences. thank you