Wednesday, May 21, 2014



At first i really did not like this product. It left a lot of makeup on and it left my skin drier than it already was BEFORE i began using it.I decided to give it 3 more tries. Let me say that it didn't surpass my expectations, however with some effort and muscle, the makeup was able to fall off. Beware ladies, because I accidentally put some of this product in my eye, and it burned. The best part of this whole experience was that  Cetaphil responded to my review , on facebook,  within hours. I appreciate their concerns, and glad they will go the extra mile to help out the customer, even if they wont be returning.  Earlier last year I had tried there moisturizer because I had seen all the hype on it, especially for those who suffer dry and sensitive skin, like yours truly. Sad to say, it burn my skin a tiny bit. My best advice to anyone reading this and Cetaphil , is to focus on customers who have beyond severe dryness and sensitivity to skin, and you all will be GOLDEN.:)

Vaseline® Spray & Go


I was extremely surprised when I used this product because I did not really like Vaseline prior to this. I did not like their regular petroleum jelly or their lip products. I always felt like the products would leave me , like a grease ball.  I felt they were too sticky as well. So when I received it in the mail , i had an opened mind and decided to run with it. I tried it, I was in the surprise of my life. Not only did it smell great, but left my dry skin feeling slick and smooth. Left my legs hydrated for hours, before my next application. It instantly soaks into the skin and if anything, leaves one feeling refresh.

Montagne Jeunesse Masques



 I had already been a fan of their products. So i have nothing bad to say here. Very excited to try and re-try their products. Last year I found them at all the Walgreens being sold from $1.00 to $0.30 cents. Was very excited so i bought them all. Only flaw , is that is does leave my skin dry for a tiny bit. So i recommend moisturize before and after using product. Overall great product that brings the spa to your home.:)

NYC City Proof Twistable



I love all NYC products. So where do i begin?!!!Last Vox Box i received an NYC lipstick , which I loved. Everyone kept on complimenting me left and right. I absolutely love this product. Its twistable format, leaves the crayon hassle free. So no sharpening needed. A great dupe for the clinic chubby sticks. Great color, lasts all day. Smells great, like fruits. Color is my shade, goes well with my skin tone. Can wear this product to school , work , or a night on the town. 




I cant say too much on the shell. I do not really use shell because it is very expensive to fill up my car on this. After seeing others post on twitter, I can assume the savings are there. For some odd reason I was thinking they were already sending me free gas. lol!!



Pure Ice

Color was very nice. The only drawback is that it does not dry fast enough. I have to watch what I touch so the consistency will not crease. Looks awful when re-applying a second coat. This nail polish is perfect for the girl on a budget, or girl that just needs a nail color for the evening.


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