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The Purge: Anarchy SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER ALERT.....this tues i was invited to watch  The Purge: Anarchy for free and was asked to do a review on it so here it goes… I was pretty excited to see this film. Only because the first film brought a new idea that hadn’t really been done before. First film took place in a home and was more psychological then it was bloody.
This time around this scenes took place in a city, with a whole different atmosphere. In the first film we didn’t know who would purge. Plus America seemed much more “controlled “ than this one.
 In this one, everyone seems very capable of purging. This will become very annoying as the movie progresses because everyone in the movie seems like they keep flip flopping their own views.  Everyone in the first film was ready to change any of their views. Here it seemed that every was ready to hold hands at any minute. Which is why they almost killed several times.
Film starts off with 3 main stories that will collide within the next 40 minutes. No joke. We have the badass, the waitress w the annoying daughter aka captain obvious, and the couple. The movies action sequences do not really start until 40 minutes in when the badass guy,, drives around town and then decides to save the waitress lady, her annoying daughter and the couple with the husband whose afraid of his own shadow.
Important things to note here: the badass guy never reveals his name (only as sergeant) all we know is that he’s divorced, likes to play with guns, has heavy military training and is gonna go kill some guy that ran over his kid(not during a purge though) which I think is pretty dumb , because his kill would not roll with the purge theme … would just be a matter of getting even…. 
Family 2: The waitress is a single mom who takes care of her father that has cancer. And daughter who is not only a character that everyone will soon dislike but will soon be wishing shes gets killed or something. She will be asking 1,000 questions throughout the entire film, so be prepared. I could have done without her character.
In the attempt to save his daughter and granddaughter from getting killed or starving to death in the future he offers himself to a rich family “ so they can purge”. In return he has had his $100,000 reward sent to the bank account of his daughters.  
This was a scene that should have been included but leaves more to the imagination. This is one of the scenes where the purges reputation fell short.
Family 3: was that of a couple. I really didn’t like this couple. it was obvious from the minute the husband got spooked outside the grocery store parking lot, that he would die. INEVITABLE. It was more a matter of when.
Recurring theme is “stay safe” and many non existent characters will be repeating this almost to taunt us, that no matter what, these people will die. Ironic twist it is THEM who die, not the ppl they say it too.
What I did not like about this film was that you would think that it takes place in the city, the “non-purgers” would have been more creative in hiding or something.
It seems that even though this second film was very successful in grabbing ones attention, (which is something that most sequels strive for and rarely achieve) I felt that main points were dismissed.
What truly bothered me is that all the victims never really grasped the situation that they were being hunted, that they may die any second . I think that if some wackos were chasing me , id be terrified but be prepared to fight.
Only 2 characters changed their personalities completely. Sergeant into a forgiving man and sparing the life of man who killed his son. And the couple, the wife whom after seeing her husband get shot by a machine sung(over kill) turns into a soon to be psycho “purger”
This movie clearly cuts the line(and the characters) between moral and immoral. In this case your either kill or be killed.
I would cut the last 20 minutes aswell. Sergeant is almost killed by some other army guy who leaves a very large clue for the third film. Are there one bad and one good team or is the good team really working for the bad guys and just trying to get pppl killed no matter what….aha…. I leave you to decide.
So as a part of this review I was asked if this movie seemed real ….the answer is no. Already mentioned that I would learn to fight or barricade myself in my home. Plain and simple. Nothing to think about. 
Last question do you think it would ever happen? My response: It already does, through wars, and well political things that I shall not discuss.
Overall I recommend it. Its good for anyone wanting to get their socks blown off. A 7 outta 10. If you ever saw the old Rambo films, mixed with the collector 2, then your sure to like this film. Good luck and its ok if you show up late because chances are is “sergeant” is still driving around town.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this. These are just my opinions.I do not own rights to this film. I give full credit to all the actors and creators of this film. 
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