Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vow Vox Box Overall Impressions and Conclusions

Tuesday June 17, 2014 (day 1)
Washed face with the eco tools. At first glance it looks like a Styrofoam device. I didn’t think too much would come out of it. Put on my (Wal-Mart brand) black head cleanser on it. This item worked phenomenal. Did leave my skin soft, I did expect it to be softer. I guess it was close enough.
Daytime: Tried Olay around 1 pm central time. No burning sensation. First thing I noticed was the floral smell. Went on nicely to my face. Word of caution, you really have to rub it in your skin. Or it will stay on as white patches. Great overall. Left my face very hydrated.
Only drawback was that around my nose and chin it looked like I was flaking.(Im not sure if it was the weather because here in South Texas we have hot summer days)
Nighttime: this time I knew how to apply it. I added the same amount . I made sure to rub it in. felt good and nourishing on the skin.
Only drawback was that it felt sticky.

July 5, 2014. It has been about 18 days since my last mental notes and notes were taken. I can honestly say I have made up my mind on all of these products. So stay tuned  folks.

Olay Regenerist Luminous $30.99

I had been wanting to try Olay for the longest time but could not because I could not get around to the price point of $30 or more. Yes I know that with most Olay products there is a reputation and guarantee that it will work. Let me tell you, I am beyond happy that this cream did work on my skin. I have fair skin, which is very dry and sensitive with any products that have perfume in them. However, this product did no such thing. If anything this is truly a miracle in a bottle. It helped get rid of my itchiness.  After the first day I saw a difference. It was a MAJOR difference after the 4th day. It made my foundation application go on smoothly. I did not need to use a brush or beauty sponge, just my fingers. Even the amount that I used was hardly bigger than a dime size. So it also reduced the amount of product, not just the amount of time.  HERES THE BEST PART: I tried out a new makeup look at a bridal shower and it was shocking the amount of compliments that I got that day.  Heres what I did: Instead of using a primer. I used the Olay as a primer, hence my face look a whole lot smoother. VOILA!!
I am hoping to recreate the look tomorrow for another bridal shower and I promise you all, ill get even more positive reception.

Tide® to Go  $7.99

It was not my first time using this product. So you can imagine my excitement when I received this in the mail for me to try. This is perfect for those people that are like me, in the sense, that no matter what you do to stay stain free, you just can’t. Lol!  I cannot live without this product. This is my go to product when I am in a hurry, eating a hotdog and spill mustard or ketchup onto my shirts. Especially since we all know that mustard is a major pain of a stain to take away.Best part is that you can take it on the go, hence the name.;)

Pure Silk $2.19 (8 oz.)

I never knew how much I needed this product until I actually tried it. I wish I would have started using this stuff sooner than later.  It left my skin feeling smoother and left my legs smelling of the raspberries. It cut down the time in shaving. I wish I would used this stuff sooner. Made shaving sooooooo much simpler. Gave my shaving experience,  precision and hydration. The product itself was enough coating to make sure I do not slice myself with the new razors. (It was just enough to shave off the hairs.) I tend to shave quickly (bc im too patient) that I sometimes end up cutting myself.  Regardless I will repurchase this product from now on.

Riley & Grey

There is not too much to say, other than I liked the website. If I could afford it, I would use it.

Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure™ $7.99
 There is too much to say about this product. However I will be nice to this, only because I really do like sally Hansen products. This product was absolutely terrible. I would have to reapply it every other day. Then I had put a top coat on it and still it came off. Worst product I have ever tried.  Not sure if I got a bad batch but I will not return to this product.

EcoTools  Pure Complexion Sponge $5.99

This was definitely the hidden gem. The diamond in the rough.   I didn’t expect much or anything at all from this product. At first sight, this product is very deceiving. My first thought was that this product was either a dud or some weird contraption. It reminded me of a Styrofoam.  To cut it short, I used Wal-Mart brand exfoliate pore cleanser.  With products combined, this sponge worked wonders on the skin. It left me feeling clean and even a hint of glow. Surprisingly it left my skin baby soft too.

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