Monday, January 26, 2015

Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories) Review

I was surprised to find that these stories were not that bad. I am NOT going to say that they were great and scary . But not bad enough to knock them out of the ballpark. If i would have something bad to say, is that some of the authors kept jumping from one thought to the next, making it hard for me to keep up. I did have to re-read some parts.I would also leave out any accent out of the characters, because that seemed to interrupt the "flow , thought process". Take out some adult scenes and this is perfect for those "GooseBumps or Fear Street " readers aka preteens and teenagers. Alot of the stories in this ebook did remind me of Edgar Allen Poe comedies instead of scary tales Mixed with some of O. Henry bizarre twists. My recommendation is read those stories first , then read this book and youll be happy you did.

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Product Description
A collection of ten ghost stories by ten authors.

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