Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rock The Lunch Box Review

I was sent an invite from to review these products. All of the following are my honest opinions. I was sent some coupons to redeem at my local store that carried these items. The only coupon i was not able to redeem is the rudi organic bread, because for some odd reason the walmart employee was not able to take it. Thats okay because I will just go to a different cashier next time. :)

My "kiddos" and I highly enjoyed all of the items that were bought.

HALFTIME (Lunchables Dupe)- First off the Halftime was the best for me and my tastebud. The turkey ham and the cheese were to die for. What I liked most out of this, is that it also came with cookies and a yogurt. What is most appealing are the designs overall, the amount that is given for child to consume and the story behind each item. Very Educational and informative.

HONEST KIDS JUICE (Caprisun Dupe)- At first this was everyone's least favorite. It did not seem to have much taste, very dull . It seemed like there was no sugar added. Then I realized, It would not be in the organic section if it had tons of sugar. After the first and second pouch, one develops a taste for it. I would have to get my kids off the Caprisun and into Honest slowly, not just quit cold turkey.

ANNIES PIZZA( Bagel Bites Dupe)- This was ok, it wasnt anything out of this world. Some of my kids liked it , others not so much. Great way to give them pizza without having to worry, if it is bad for them or not.

ANNIES COOKIES (Teddy Grahams Dupe) - This has to be my favorite of them all. What I found most convenient is that the bad seals itself. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! After trying them out , I almost forgot they were good for you. Best tasting product out of all the items. Will return to store for myself.

These are the reviews and my honest opinion.

thank you all.

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