Thursday, July 2, 2015

Goforit Led Rechargeable Hydration Waist Belt #Ledwaistbag

 i love this bag because i can take it with me anywhere. i love to take it with me walking at night .best part is that it lights up and has water bottles to hydrate me.

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Disclaimer I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.



Product Description
  •  GO FROM DAY INTO NIGHT OR DAWN INTO LIGHT: with 3 flashing modes, constant bright-rapid flash- slow flash, the led lights increases visibility by giving off a very bright beacon in the dark and oncoming traffic is now able to see you from over 1000 feet away, making it 100 times safer for you whether running, cycling, hiking or even walking your dog.
    LIGHT, STURDY AND DURABLE: Made with neoprene, this high quality material (used to make most camera cases and scuba diving gear) is very light, sturdy and durable. It carries enough stretch to take on the form of most items like your iPhone 6, 6 +, 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, HTC One X, keys and other personal items. It is also used for its weather resistance protecting your on the go essentials from any type of weather.
    STAY HYDRATED: With two 150ml BPA free water bottles, allows for you to take longer walks, rides or runs whether day or night
    ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT: The elastic adjustable waist band and buckle makes it ideal for most waist sizes up to 44"(inches).
    1 USB CHARGER INCLUDED: The led rechargeable waist bag removes the stress, worry and cost of having to source batteries. Equipped with its own charger simply insert and recharge battery when the light starts to fade.
Goforit All Inclusive Led Rechargeable Sports Hydration Waist Bag has been designed especially with you in mind. With the hustle and bustle of every day life this new design provides you with the ability to engage in your running, walking, cycling activities at anytime throughout the day; ranging from as early as dawn (wee hours of the morning) to late hours of the night, seemingly adding more hours to your day. So whether you are an early riser or a night person the illuminating waist bag has a powerful beacon in the dark which increases visibility (simply press the switch), making it virtually impossible not to be seen by any form of traffic and 100 times safer than other reflective belts or waist bags which just reflect due to oncoming vehicles. Crafted with high quality neoprene material, the 'Goforit' led waist bag zipper pocket, protects and ensures that your on the go essentials are safe and secure. The light weight material easily takes form of all your personals yet carries the right amount of thickness and durability to withstand water, abrasions and other external elements such as dust, sand, rain and snow. Equipped with an elastic adjustable waist band and buckle makes it ideal for most waist sizes and suitable for kids, women and men while providing comfort. Now that your day has been lengthen due to your ability to run at anytime the 'Goforit' led waist bag has added two 150ml BPA free water bottles (a feature not included in many other led waist bags) allowing for you to take longer treks knowing that you have a supply of fluids with you, which also makes it ideal for marathons, hiking and climbing adventures. Finally, when the beacon begins to dim, simply insert the usb charger cable and see light return, saving you the stress,worry and cost of having to source and replace batteries.


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