Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder #NewManualCoffeegrinder

i love that i can grind my own coffee at any time of the day, at any day of the week. now i no longer have to wait in line for my coffee to be grounded or i no longer have to pay extra.:)

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Disclaimer I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.



Product Description
This Premium Manual Coffee Grinder is aimed directly at the home, office or travelling coffee enthusiast. It has premium quality components and produces superb ground coffee at a fraction of the price of other more expensive models - with far superior results.

Whether Grinding coarse for a French Press or fine grind for making Espresso then a Manual Coffee Grinder is the ideal solution for experiencing the freshest Coffee Taste and Aroma available.

The product comes well packaged and with clear operating instructions and contains good storage capacity..100gms which is more than sufficient for making 2 large cups of coffee.

This Coffee Grinder is a very User Friendly product with a simple mechanism but made of high quality components , including a new stainless steel Grinding adjustment wheel, Turning arm and Burr cradle. The Burrs are made from high quality Ceramic Stone and have been re-designed in a Conical shape to give a more even grind ....the aim is to produce more of a "Pestle and Mortar " action which Crushes the Coffee Bean between the Burrs to release more of the Natural Flavour and Character of the Coffee....this is the most noticeable distinction between a Blade Grinder and Burr Coffee Mill as blades will simply cut and smash the Bean resulting in a less intense flavour and in some cases , due to the heat generated, a change in flavour.

Using Ceramic Burrs as opposed to Steel blades and stainless Steel components also means that this Grinder is robust, durable and should opperate relaibly for many years without corrosion.

The Glass Storage jar , which comes with an airtight lid, is made of Toughened Glass, is fully dishwasher safe and has also been re-designed to be smoother inside in order to provide less opportunity for the Ground Coffee to stick to the is therefore much easier to clean !

Another new feature of the Design is the addition of a Silicone Anti Slip mat on the bottom of the Storage Jar and a Silicone Hopper Lid....The Anti Slip Mat makes it much easier and safer  and far more comfortable to hold the Grinder whilst Grinding and also keeps the Grinder fixed on the worktop when in use. The Hopper Lid is a very useful addition to the old model as it stops the Coffee Beans from Spilling out of the hopper when in use.

This product has many competitors in the market but few equals for its ease of use, quality of materials and also the quality of its results ....Obviously it is a Manual Grinder , Not Electric,  as such it takes a short time to adjsut to the process but it's also a pleasure to use and very satisfying to take 2-3 minutes to hand grind your own fresh coffee in the Morning, Evening or anytime !

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