Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ebook - Terry Treetop Finds New Friends Review

first off , i love this author. reading her stories really takes me back intime when i was a kid. once again it was a delight to read this book. not only is it a cute book, but reminds me that a good kids book doesnt have to be overly complicated to be a good kids book. it seems that in todays world kids books, are either filled with too many pictures, or too many words making the kids dissatisfied. i feel that Tali Carmi books are just right. Cartoons,illustrations are great. I enjoyed the part where she gives you a free gift for your kid and a warm thank you at the end.

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Ebook - Terry Treetop Finds New Friends


Product Description
Book Desciption :
How to win friends?
Let your kids go on an adventure and learn the value of friendship
This is a wonderful children's book, about a boy named Terry, but....
Everybody called him Terry Treetop because he loved climbing trees.
Terry was alone, so he went on a journey to find new friends to invite to his new tree house.
He almost gave-up when a new opportunity came his way.
Will Terry use this opportunity to find new friends?
This beginner readers' eBook Series will motivate and inspire your kids to be active about the things they want to achieve in life, and not to give-up on their quest for love and happiness.
Your kids will enjoy full colorful illustrations of Terry and the animals he met.
**Get your Free Gift - educational card game**
Your kids will be inspired:
  • How to be self motivated.
    How to persist and not give up.
    How to give and get love.
The story is written for children ages 3 -8.

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