Friday, March 27, 2015

Smooth Energy Clear Mind LiquidCaps Review




Product Description
These are Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Enzyme Fermented High Absorption Ginseng liquid Capsules.   The liquid is a unique patented fully balanced Fermented Asian Panax Ginseng Extract from whole unpeeled roots.   No peeling or high heat steaming is used in creating the Ginseng extract.  It is therefore fully balanced without any denaturing occuring.  A proprietary low heat vacuum extraction is used which creates the full expansion of the unique plant sapponins called ginsenosides without destroying the other key ingredients in the root.  This Extract retains the full contingent of 7 naturally occuring vitamins, Organic Germanium, and the full Amino Acid profile of 7 essential and 8 non essential amino acids and 18 minerals.   The polysaccharides and polyphenols are also retained.  This is why it is the only fully balanced ginseng extract.

A breakthrough in Ginseng Science is the Patented natural Enzme Fermentation process. This "Fermented Ginseng" GS15-4, has been shown to have 15 times more absorption, 4 times faster and 5 times more consistent absorption compared to standard ginseng extract. This was proven in a Human Clinical Trial.

"Smooth Energy Clear Mind" LiquidCaps utilize Capsugel's cutting-edge Fusion Technology™.   The capsules have a liquid formulation inside of Femented Ginseng extract and Organic Vegetable glycerin.  It is pure with nothing else added.   The LiquidCaps are hermetically sealed with a nitrogen bubble which removes all oxygen keeping it pure and fresh.  They are natural vegan cellulose which melt easily under your tongue to provide optimum absorption.  That is right, a fermented liquid extract formulation in a Capsule that MELTS UNDER YOUR TONGUE!   The ultimate in convenience and efficacy!

Just like its name, "Smooth Energy Clear Mind" LiquidCaps, you will experience a very unique smooth and balanced energy and a clear focused, stable mind.  This is far superior to the traditional Powder Ginseng, American Ginseng or Red Ginseng.

Because this is "Stress Management as Nature Intended" it brings your body into homeostatic balance which promotes optimum healing and wellness and cell renewal.   What are the benefits?

Smooth Energy* Mental Focus* Improved Libido* Stress Relief*  Mental Focus*  Supports Maintaining Blood Glucose at normal levels*  Supports Cardio Vascular health*  Assists Immuno Potentiation*  Aids in a healthy Inflammatory Response*   Optimizes Athletic Performance*. 

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