Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crediting Callie Complete Book Bundle Review

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If you liked pretty woman, and confessions of a shopaholic then you are sure to like this book. Though I felt that the ending cut off too soon, im anxious to see the rest of what other trouble callie will get into.
 Basically this is a book about a girl whose shopping habits/addiction gets a little too out of hand. HER BRILLIANT PLAN........(wait for it) to be a callgirl. yep, though the author tries to play it off innocently.....come on....does callie seriously think this whole idea wont explode. Then we have dean, who likes her but i think needs to get on the ball. Hes somewhat likeable but i like a guy who plays hard to get. lol!!Going back to the book, its a good read. quick too. dont be surprised if you finished it in one day.


Product Description
*all ebook formats available for the romance, Written On Her Heart. I will send you a coupon code to download the book for free in any format on Smashwords.

The Crediting Callie Collection is the full 4 part series bundled into one convenient book

Her love of Michael Kors might be her downfall. 

Callie Cartwright is a college senior on the verge of graduating and getting the job of her dreams. But her illustrious shopping habit and expensive tastes backfire when her future employer gives her an ultimatum. She has less than six months to lower her debt or she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for.

His secret crush may be his undoing. 

Dean Michaels has everything going for him. He’s a manager at the local coffee shop, a sophomore in college, star of the university basketball team, and don’t forget, gorgeous. The only thing he needs is the girl of his dreams to make his world complete. And he’s finally ready to go after her. The only problem: it’s his sister’s best friend he’s crushing on. And all she sees in him is the love for a brother.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. 

When Callie concocts a crazy plan as a way to make quick money and pay down her debt, Dean’s feelings go into overdrive. It’s time to show her how he feels.

And the plan he proposes, just might be the one to finally catch the girl 

*This is a clean romance

Crediting Callie Complete Book Bundle


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