Sunday, February 8, 2015

Half Assed Health Ebook Review



Product Description
Forget about "Blasting your Abs", "Shredding your Quads", or "Ripping your Pecs"-
Question For You:
What the **** are you doing?
If you want to win the war on belly fat, lose weight, and get six-pack abs, then forget about playing "The Hunger Games" or Hocking up whatever crazy weight-loss diet you started.

In HALF-ASSED HEALTH, I give you a way to look good naked (that's all we really want anyway), without having to eat like a bird, get hurt lifting monster weights, or calling Dr. Plastic job.​

Look- I know you're not gonna go to the gym everyday, and you're not gonna run marathons, and you're not gonna pass on eating that cheeseburger, so why get some 300 page book to tell you all the stuff that you're not gonna do anyway?

There's no way you're sitting around counting calories and figuring out exactly how you're gonna burn off that cookie and all of that stupidity...

Don't you have a life?
Maybe it's not like a Danielle Steele romance novel, or like the Girl with the Dragon tattoo, but your life doesn't have to be consumed with trying every fat-burning workout routine just because the newest weight loss book said you should be at the gym all the time.
If you're busting your butt at the gym to look good naked "HALF-ASSED HEALTH" will get you looking sexy WITHOUT all the hassle!!

Sure, there are people who look good naked, but they workout so much they don't have time or energy to live their best life because they're at the gym all day-

What the **** is THAT about?

I understand if you're a "billionaire bachelor" or something like that, but what about a quick, fast and easy workout that actually burns fat all day?

I'm not going to give you all these crazy HIIT routines that other guys SAY they do on camera, and then sell you a bunch of home workout junk.

(Who the **** can do all these crazy "Ab Blasting" and "Shredding" routines all the time anyway?)

When You Buy HALF ASSED HEALTH you'll learn:
  • How To Look Like A Super Hero- Even Without A Cape!
    The ONLY Moves You Need For Maximum Sexiness-Effect!
    The ONE Food To Eat To Look Sexy- Inside and Out!
    The FIRST Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up For MAXIMUM ENERGY!
It is FAR easier than they make it sound, and I promise that if you read this book, and do what it says (only 3 times a week for about 30 minutes), you'll start looking and feeling SUPER SEXY immediately. 
You'll look in the mirror, and know that you are on your way to the sexy shape you know is under there, and you won't be doing it by freaking out about everything that goes into your mouth, or by being in sweat pants all day.

You're going to learn to do the LEAST work, for the MOST benefit, LOOK HOT AS ****, and do it all with: HALF ASSED HEALTH

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