Friday, February 6, 2015

Preteen E-Book ALIEN MISSION Review

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i thought the book was cute. nice cartoons and vivid imagination.


Preteen E-Book ALIEN MISSION #LadyJennivieresquill

Product Description
Middle grade fiction for ages 8 - 12.

On the alien world of ZOOT it is QB9’s birthday. The lonely little alien’s only wish is a friend. Instead, he receives a WISH-A-MA-GIG. The WISH-A-MA-GIG grants your every wish…however not always how you expect. It directs QB9 to travel to Earth where he will find his perfect friend. While preparing for the journey, QB9 becomes bored studying Earth’s culture and customs. So, he decides to just “wing it.” After all what could go wrong? Getting to Earth is the easy part. QB9 quickly learns “winging it” was not a good idea. In an effort to remain inconspicuous, QB9 lands on a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. With the help of his trusted laptop Benni and his dog K9-20, he is able to escape to Alcatraz. Disguised as a strange looking human named Du Jour, he tries to blend in with the locals. He must find his perfect friend; fight to save himself, Benni, and his new friend from determined alien hunters and get back to ZOOT.

ALIEN MISSION is the third book in the Lady Jenniviere's Quill series of preteen books.  Each book has an underlying moral.  This book centers around friendship and the consequences of neglecting preparation.

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