Friday, February 6, 2015

Ebook - Children's book: The Healthy Me Team: Review


 great book for parents and kidds. especially for parents trying to get their kiddos to eat veges and not junk food. I highly recommend this to be in any nutrition class, health class, .P.E. class, and intro to nursing class. This is also great for a kindergarden class, hoping to inspire young children to make better choices. Great Illustrations


Product Description
Book Description:
Want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables?
Want them to eat fewer snacks?
The Healthy Me Team is a full rhymed story about vitamins and minerals that fight artificial colors and white sugar in our kids' body.
"Whenever they met it was a real battle:
White sugar not letting the mineral settle,
Protein fights but is pushed away,
Has no chance to even stay!"
This is a wonderful book about a boy and his sister that illustrates the battle in our body when we don't eat healthy food. Our boy needs to grow and become stronger but his choices of eating make the little creatures (protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals) inside him weak.
Will they win the battle of artificial colors and white sugar?
Will the boy be able to grow and make the right choices?
This beginner reader’s eBook will inspire your kids to make the right nutrition choices:
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
    Eat less unhealthy snacks
    Exercise more
Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of vitamins, minerals, calcium, artificial colors, white sugar and more.
The Healthy Me Team is a sweet children's book written especially for you and your ages 2- 8 children, with rhymed text and 20 colorful illustrations.
The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or aa self-read book for beginner readers .

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