Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tea with the Queen EBOOK Review

I received Product completely FREE from All opinions are my own . I was sent this for reviewing purposes.

I just want to say that I was impressed at how beautiful the colors and graphics were. They deffo get an A plus from me in that section. I liked that the story was short and to the point. I would recommend this book to any parent , looking to entertain their kids. OR to any kindergarden class teacher, looking for a new book to read. 

The letters are not hard to read and the sentence structures follow a logical way of transitioning from one scene to the next. 

Book reminded me of an early 90s disney film. 

great job guys.

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  • Product Description
    When mice turn 100 years old (in mouse-years, of course) they get to visit the Queen of England. When Charlie journeys across the countryside for his grandmother’s visit, he discovers that even little creatures can have big adventures.

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